Photo gallery

This photo’s are made by my dear friend Lotte Procé.

After a long day of driving we arrived at a national park with this insane, red-coloured sand. With the sun shining brightly, I thought that this place deserved some sun salutations out of the primary series of Astanga Vinyasa. Anyhow, I was too lazy to get my mat out of the van, so you can imagine the little desert I took with me afterwards…

It might sound weird, but for me the best thing to do when I am having a hang-over, is practicing yoga. This picture is made in a cute little harbour, after a night with way too much wine. While holding different variations of the warriors and taking deep breaths of fresh air, I slowly began to feel better. Not that I want to encourage you to get hang-overs, but if you do get one: yoga really does help to release the toxics.

When you enter an astonishing white beach with a marvelous blue ocean, but it is called ‘Hazard Bay’, would you go for a swim? I went in knee-high, but when I felt the strong current I decided it was not a smart plan to play dangerous games with Mother Nature. Instead of a dive into the waves, I went for a palmtree pose on the shore, which almost gave me the same satisfaction.

When Australians make a sign that says ‘sharks’, you can be pretty sure that there are indeed sharks around. Since we had heard too many scary stories about shark-attacks already, I decided not to swim at Little Wharton Beach. Instead I did some yoga at this beautiful spot, where my friend happily walked around with her camera to capture all the unbelievable colours and me performing some poses and good stretches.

During the Great Ocean Walk my friend Lotte and I entered this bay, where a very wild sea was smacking against the rocks. I didn’t want to take off my walking boots, but I did want to do a warrior two on this powerful place. So here you have a warrior-two-with-boots. The 90 degrees angle of my right knee is not exactly 90 degrees, but practice will do the job.

While crossing the Nullabor dessert, my friends and I went to see the beautiful sanddunes. Ofcourse this visit wasn’t complete without a little yoga… Here you see me doing a headstand (which I mastered recently), a warrior 1 – variation and a dancer-pose.

Doing some balancing postures at the Elephant Rocks. What more can I say? That I had my eyes closed? I won’t lie…

Meditation is a part of yoga which I find pretty tough. To sit still and quiet the mind for a while, is harder than it looks. It is always easier when surrounded by nature. During the Overland Track I gratefully took some moments near this rocks, with the sound of the water falling on the background and the sun shining gently upon my skin.

Driving trough Australia means driving through Australia; you do sit a lot in the car. Breaks I always use to flex and stretch a bit. Here we stopped at a sweet little beach, which I found a perfect spot to do a wheel pose. It is one of my favourites because you see the world upside down.