We, human beings, are always working towards things. We are always ‘on our way’. At the same time we are longing for peace, rest and a feeling of being at home.

Watch a snail: always on the road, but always at home. A living thing that has the ability to turn inwards, as well as the capacity to reach to the outer world and discover what is going on out there.

Like this little creature, we need to be soft and strong at the same time. If we allow ourselves to go inwards, to fully and truly be with ourselves, than we will be able to do good and great things in the outer world.

Let’s take live serious, and don’t forget to have fun. Development always goes slow, like a snail goes in slow pace. Yoga is emotionally, physically and spiritually, a powerful tool and I am looking forward to share it with you.

Love and light,


PS: I felt very lucky when I found out that the Hindi word for snail is ‘ghenga’, because I learned yoga at the riverbanks of the Ganga, which sounds almost the same! Also my dear friend Lotte (with whom I builded this website and travelled trough Australia) and I love snails from a very early age, and for she is my first student, the name ‘ghengasyoga’ hopefully makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

About me

My name is Leila van Wetten (1993). I live in Amsterdam and work as a writer, theatremaker, performer and a yoga-teacher.  At the Vinyasa Yoga Acadamy in Rishikesh (India) I completed a 200 hours yoga teacher training (YTT).